Prevention is the key

Many of the most common illnesses we know, such as musculoskeletal disorders, stress-related illness, diabetes, depression and addiction are preventable or the prognosis of the treatment is higher the earlier the illness is noticed.

Information is the first step

We believe the first step of pursuing healthy years to come is acknowledging our personal risks and finding information on our state of health. We also love science and feel it’s important AlvinOne is scientifically proven and that the information it provides can be trusted.

AlvinOne is intelligent

The technology behind Alvin is based on a self-learning algorithm developed by VTT (the Technical Research Centre of Finland). Years of research and the analysis of 5,5M health factors led to the creation of an artificial intelligence that fits in your pocket.

Science is everything

We love science! Everything we do has a strong scientific background. VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, is our long-term partner and having a strong scientific basis comes first with everything we do.

Behavioral change

The one thing that affects our health the most is our own choices. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to make positive changes without accurate information and support. AlvinOne is designed to be there for you, to provide reliable, concrete information and advice with the help of an artificial intelligence to prevent health issues before they happen and reinforce those strengths that you have.

We’re for you and because of you

All of us at AlvinOne are dedicated to improving health through data. We have done research on health data for decades and are convinced that’s the key to finding the best ways to prevent illness and improve our well-being. The data we collect from our users and use for research is always anonymized and we would never compromise the privacy of our users. If you have questions regarding how we process the data we collect you can contact us at