AlvinOne automates well-being

Well-being is not a project. Managing well-being on a personal and organisational level is a continuous effort which is why AlvinOne is designed to require minimum effort from its end users and organisational users.

From Odum Health System to AlvinOne

Odum Ltd has two product lines of which AlvinOne is the newest. Its predecessor, Odum Health System, is used by several healthcare providers and companies in Finland. This has allowed us to collect data from hundreds of thousands of users over the years which led to the development of AlvinOne. While Odum Health System is designed for occupational health care professionals, AlvinOne is created for its end-users and employers. It’s not just a mobile version of its predecessor but rather a scalable, more intelligent, user friendly tool with several new features and more content.

Strong partnership with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT is our long-term scientific partner. Together we carry out research that allows us to constantly learn, develop and create intelligent technology that benefits our clients and users the most.

Results should always be measurable

AlvinOne for Business is a strategic management tool that allows for results to be measured and followed up on. Organisational reports allow for smarter decision making and efficient targeting of resources. We can tailor our reports according to your needs and find solutions that benefit your company the most.