I tried to register to use AlvinOne but I never received the confirmation email.

Check your junk mail folders and go back and check you entered your email address correctly. If this doesn’t help, contact support(at)alvinone.com.

I cannot proceed to the AlvinOne Health Exam.

The AlvinOne Health Exam is only available as a part of the AlvinOne Services for businesses. You can also speak to your employer about using AlvinOne in your work community to improve well-being at work.

If AlvinOne says I have a high risk of getting health problems, what should I do?

If your employer has placed an order for AlvinOne Business services and employees have access to the AlvinOne Health Exam, you should complete the exam and find out more about what could be causing your risks and what strengths you have. Currently the Health Exam is not available for consumers. If you don’t at the moment have access to the AlvinOne Health Exam, you should consider what could be causing your risks and possibly consult a medical professional regarding it.

How often should I complete an AlvinOne Prediction?

AlvinOne will recommend when you should complete your next prediction based on your previous results. AlvinOne will send you a notification when you should complete your next prediction.

Is my personal information safe on AlvinOne?

Your personal information is never shared with supervisors, management, colleagues or authorities. AlvinOne only creates anonymised group reports of groups consisting of 20 or more respondents and in which individuals are unidentifiable. These group reports are only used to measure the well-being in your work community and to help HR improve your work community.

Your information is stored in a health system maintained by Odum Ltd, the developer of AlvinOne. Odum Ltd is the administrator and the client organisation is the data controller.

We comply to all current legal requirements concerning information security. We follow and comply to all legal requirements of this field as well as legislation concerning the use of personal information. We have also ensured that our data system fulfills the special demands of information and data security.

Information can be removed from the data system by request on both individual and organisational level. The use of AlvinOne is voluntary.

If you couldn’t find a helpful answer here, you can contact us at support(at)alvinone.com.