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We at Neste want work to feel good and do good. We believe that there are many factors that impact our wellbeing at work. To get a better understanding of the health and wellbeing of our people and to be able to offer more targeted services to support their health and wellbeing, we wanted to pilot AlvinOne.

By participating in AlvinOne pilot you can make an impact into the development and systematic measurement of your own as well as the whole organization’s health and wellbeing. Utilizing the information and feedback received via this pilot we can develop things further. Thank you for your participation!

On this page you’ll find information about AlvinOne and answers to frequently asked questions.

Information about AlvinOne and frequently asked questions:

What is AlvinOne?

AlvinOne is an app which helps you in supporting your health and work ability. After evaluating your wellness in 10 different health areas AlvinOne will generate personal advice and feedback for promoting your own wellbeing. AlvinOne can even predict your future health risk with a machine learning (AI) algorithm, that was developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland scientists.

AlvinOne can help you by giving you information on your future risks, current state of health, guidance on supporting your wellbeing and access to services that Neste wants to provide for you. Additional services are targeted based on users’ results and recommendations to start using those will be sent via email. Please note that we are also piloting the services that are offered via AlvinOne and therefore would like to get feedback from you also about how well those work and are useful in supporting your wellbeing. Due to this being a pilot, the service offering is more limited than it could be possibly in the future.

How is the information I enter into AlvinOne used?

The data is used in your personal AlvinOne prediction and electronic health exam to create your personal results and feedback for your benefit.

No individual data is shared with Neste or any other third parties. HR, HSSEQ and Procurement leadership team will get reports on group level so that minimum amount of answers from the group is 20 people. The only background information that Neste gives to AlvinOne about the pilot target group is information about the unit of the person (HR, HSSEQ or Procurement). This is also the level of reporting. There will be no team reports to managers since the information is only looked at unit or organization level. All individuals are anonymized for the report and it is not possible to identify anyone. The purpose of these reports is to help develop wellbeing at work at Neste. The purpose of these reports is to help develop wellbeing at work at Neste.

Neste doesn’t receive information regarding who is offered or starts using additional services based on their results. Therefore your anonymity is also guaranteed when you are offered services and when you participate in them.

In addition to this, AlvinOne uses anonymized data in research and development if you give permission for that (this is asked from you in the app).

I can’t access the Health Analysis or Prediction in AlvinOne

Check that you used your work email that ends with – that’s how the app recognises you as a Neste employee. You can edit your email address in settings in the main menu in AlvinOne. If you have made sure your email address is correct there and you still can’t proceed the prediction or health analysis, try removing the app from your device and downloading it again from App store or Google Play. Make sure you register with your Neste email. If you still can’t proceed to the prediction or health analysis after this please contact us at

Data privacy

Your personal information is never shared with Neste or anyone else. AlvinOne creates anonymised group reports of groups consisting of 20 or more respondents and in which individuals are unidentifiable. These group reports are only used to measure the well-being in your work community and to help Neste improve wellbeing.

Your information is stored in a health system maintained by Adalia Ltd, the developer of AlvinOne. AlvinOne is data processor and Neste data controller. We comply to all current legal requirements concerning information security. We follow and comply to all legal requirements of this field as well as legislation concerning the use of personal information. We have also ensured our data system complies to the special demands of information and data security.

If you wish to see what information is stored in the system about you, to edit it or to have it removed you can send your data request to The use of AlvinOne is always voluntary.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? You can send it to or at Neste to Laura Salli.