I can’t access the prediction or health analysis in AlvinOne

Make sure that you used your work email address or the email address your employer uses with you if you don’t have a work email address when you registered. You can edit your email address in the settings in the main menu in AlvinOne. If you have made sure your email address is correct and you still can’t proceed the prediction or health analysis, try removing the app from your device and downloading it again from App store or Google Play and registering again with the right email address. If you still can’t proceed to the health exam after this please contact us at support@alvinone.com.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email when I registered

Services are accessed via email invitation or through your work community’s AlvinOne portal in the app. Services offered by employer are free of charge for you. No individual information regarding who has received an invitation to use a service through AlvinOne is ever shared with your employer.

Check your junk mail if you haven’t already. If the confirmation email doesn’t appear in your inbox within a couple of hours, contact us at support@alvinone.com.

What is AlvinOne?

AlvinOne is an app that uses machine-learning technology to help you assess your strengths and health risks. It predicts future health risks, analyses your current state of health and connects you with your work community’s AlvinOne wellbeing portal.

It’s important for your employer that your work community is healthy, risks can be foreseen and potential problems can be noticed early. AlvinOne creates anonymised group-level reports that enable data-driven decision making and efficient targeting of resources.

How should I use AlvinOne to assess my well-being?

AlvinOne helps to stay healthy in the long term. It analyses your well-being using scientifically validated methods that require several questions to determine the risk level for each health factor. Most of the factors that affect your well-being change slowly so AlvinOne does not require daily or weekly use. The app will remind you when you need to complete your next prediction based on your previous result. You can use AlvinOne as often as you want though.

How is the information I enter into AlvinOne used?

The information you enter into AlvinOne is used in the AlvinOne prediction and health analysis to create your personal results. In addition, AlvinOne creates anonymised group level reports for your employer. In group reports all the individual data is removed and the group reports can only be created from groups over 20 people, when the identification of individuals is impossible. No individual data is shared with employers, supervisors, co-workers, authorities or any other third party without your permission.

We do continuous research and development to ensure our analytics are as reliable and useful as they can be. This is a scientific research project, in which all identification data will be destroyed before the data is included in the project. No data will be included without ensuring that it is impossible to identify the respondent. Giving permission to use the data is completely voluntary. At the end of each health analysis we ask for your permission that the information you have entered into AlvinOne can be used for scientific research work without the identification data as described above.

Why does AlvinOne Prediction only tell me if my risk level is high, medium or low?

The AlvinOne Prediction’s reliability and accuracy is based on risk classification. A machine-learning algorithm calculates you risk of becoming ill and the risk class provides an accurate prediction of your risk of becoming ill during the next 12 months. It is designed to be a quick and reliable pre-screening tool that provides a prediction of your risk level for the next 12 months. The AlvinOne Health Analysis analyses your current state of health and through supports you in lowering your risks in the long term.

What do my results from AlvinOne Health Analysis mean?

What should I do if I get a green result in AlvinOne Health Analysis?

Great – green means that you have no risk in that area of health. Keep up the good work, and maintain your strengths. You can also take advantage of preventive services your employer wants to offer you. You’ll find these services below this information in the AlvinOne portal.

What should I do if I get a yellow result in AlvinOne Health Analysis?

If you get a yellow result in the AlvinOne electronic Health Analysis, follow the instructions in the app and take action to improve your own health. According to research, small changes that improve the situation lead to long-lasting results. We recommend you check your organisation’s AlvinOne well-being portal to see if your organisation offers any preventative well-being services to employees.

What should I do if I get a red result in the AlvinOne Health Analysis?

If you have a red result in the AlvinOne Health Analysis proceed according to the directions in your results. Usually a red results indicates you may need the support of a healthcare professional to improve your situations. If you already have a treatment plan you follow, proceed according to the treatment plan. If you’d like to contact a medical professional to discuss your situation proceed according to the guidelines regarding occupational healthcare at your company or check your work community’s AlvinOne portal for company-specific instructions.

How can I access the services in AlvinOne?

Services are accessed via your work community’s AlvinOne well-being portal in the app. Some services are only offered through separate email invitation based on your results in Alvinone. Services offered by your employer are free of charge for you. No individual information regarding who has received an invitation to use a service through AlvinOne is ever shared with your employer.

Data privacy

Your personal information is never shared with supervisors, management, colleagues, authorities or any other third party without your permission. For HR and management AlvinOne only creates anonymised group-level reports from which individuals cannot be identified. Please view our complete Privacy Policy here.

Your information is stored in a health system maintained by Odum Ltd, the developer of AlvinOne. Odum Ltd is the data processor and [your employer] is the data controller.

We comply to all current legal requirements concerning information security. We follow and comply to all legal requirements of this field as well as legislation concerning the use of personal information. We have also ensured our data system complies to the special demands of information and data security.

If you wish to see what information is stored in the system about you, to edit it or to have it removed you can send your data request to info@alvinone.com. The use of AlvinOne is always voluntary.