There’s more to life than work

There’s more to life than work

“I want to live more!” my friend said at a lunch restaurant, scrolling though her work calendar with an agonized look on her face. Work filled her days, making all the fun disappear.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining, one of the scariest movies of all time, knew it. Don’t let yourself end up like Jack – make the decision to give yourself enough rest. Remember to write down free time in your calendar before you start filling it with your responsibilities.

To some of us, our smartphone has become the most important tool at work, causing pressure to be available at any hour. The most stressed out workers are the ones with the highest and the most undefined goals. It can be a challenge to take your mind off work.

Smart employees can be motivated with reasonable working hours. If an employer wants to take full advantage of their worker’s brain capacity they don’t arrange late meetings or send work related messages to their employees at night.

Stretched out workdays do not correspond to better results for the employee or the organization they work for. A sleep-deprived brain is not the best at coming up with new ideas. Creativity needs space. To demonstrate, you can try to remember a time when you overworked yourself.

At some point you lost your playfulness, you didn’t laugh as often. One day you suddenly remembered the saying about beating a dead horse. Your dream vacation consisted of uninterrupted rest. At your worst moments you fantasized about accidents that took you to the hospital for weeks, and kind nurses who would bring you food and change the sheets in your bed.

The only cure for feeling like this is to take control. If your boss does not set you boundaries, you need to take leadership of your own use of time. While learning to manage your time in a new way, you might feel guilty for having empty spaces in your calendar.

Taking on a new perspective might help. Getting enough rest makes you a better and more productive employee, and you’ll also be more fun to work with! Who doesn’t want to work with a positive person who has more to life than work?