The smart way to stay healthy.

AlvinOne is your personal tool that helps you prevent illness and stay healthy. It uses machine learning technology to make predictions of your health risks and the health analysis analyses your current state of health and provides feedback that supports you with improving your health. AlvinOne may also send out invitations based on your results to use well-being services. We never share any individual information with employers or other third parties.

AlvinOne is a part of AlvinOne business services and the health analyses in it are only available to those whose employers have an active license.


Proven effectivity

Our long-term follow-up shows that our users become healthier.

Always available

You should be able to follow up on your health when you want, where you want.

Based on the long-term

Doesn’t require constant tracking of activities.


AlvinOne health analyses are a part of AlvinOne business services and available for those who’s employer has an active AlvinOne license. If your work community doesn’t have a license yet and you think AlvinOne could help your work community stay healthy and productive, please contact us at