AlvinOne makes you stronger

The first step to better wellnness is excecuting the AlvinOne health analysis.

AlvinOne analyses the information that you have given and uses machine learning (AI) technology to make prediction of your healthrisk during the following 12 months. AlvinOne Health Index which includes 10 different health areas together with personal feedback will help you improve your wellness. You might get a respons that recommends you to contact healthcare professional. In this case  your results indicates emerging health issues.

AlvinOne eCoach is your free wellness help desk.

You will find plenty of material for your support in AlvinOne eCoach. It includes information, videos, exercises, and instructions on how you can make positive changes in your wellbeing by yourself. The menu includes topics like exercise, stress management, physical and mental recovery, sleep and remote work. We have also included a diet program for eating better and healthier or for reducing your weight in a controlled way. In case that you want to know more about your results and get professional konsultation you can always buy My Coach service.

AlvinOne MyCoach connects you to professionals.

Our professional coaches will help you to gain your goals. Your personal coach will analyse your AlvinOne results and a coaching plan will be made. The free material of eCoach is always included in the services. During your training period your progress will be monitored by AlvinOne. As coaches have access to your result your program will be fine tuned accordingly.

MyCoach is your personal data driven service for better wellbeing. In Ask The Pro -service a wellness professional will go through AlvinOne results together with you and you will be guided through eCoahc to make you a program for improvement. More Energy- and Towards The Top -programs  have been developed with highly qualified coaches for two target groups. Your advancement will be followed up with AlvinOne analytics in all services. You can pay MyCoach services by your self or you can use ePassi, Edenred or Smartum to do so. Please also ask employee, sometimes they pay directly for some coachings.


Wellness professional will contact you and go through your AlvinOne results with you. You will be explained in detailed the factors behind your results. After this you will be guided through free eCoahc to help you start your personal independent wellness improvement plan. In case that the interview reveals issues concerning your health that should be examined by a doctor before starting the plan you will be advised to do so.

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The goal of this program is to improve you in a holistic way. The reason for a holistic approach is that health factors interact with each other highly. The goal can be set eg. to be more energetic. To succeed in this one individual will gain the most by improving sleep and losing weight. The right medicine for the other individual can be improving cardiovascular fitness and recovery including also lowering mental stress. Your personal program will be engineered specially for you utilising the AlvinOne health analysis.

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This program is planned for individuals that are more fit than average and they would like to improve their performance, even to the maximum. The coaches in this program are top professionals that have experience of coaching high performance athletes at international level. The goal can be set to gain a competitive sporting life style or eg. succeed in Marathon or Triathlon. You can use this program however even if you have to start from scratch. In this case you must prepare for a long program and consider the first one as a wakening period.

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